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The key is also to combine theory with practice.

Our CTO, Michael, teaches digital transformation and process management.

Our CTO, Michael, teaches digital transformation and process management at the IMC FH Krems. The challenge is that digitalization is advancing very quickly, and new developments are constantly being added. Therefore, teaching analytical thinking, questioning existing processes, and being open-minded is essential and the core content of the teaching concept.

Most interesting part with teaching is that if you are no longer a student or work in science and you are only confronted with problems in practice every day, you have to look at some theoretical concepts again. This always creates new impulses in the daily work. So it is a win-win situation in both directions.

The key is also to combine theory with practice. Through Michaels work at Senacor and projects in banking, he was implementing new customer applications or responsible for transformation projects. Experiences that can now be passed on to the students.

In real estate management, increasing efficiency is a priority. And that’s exactly why we at PROPUP are currently looking at existing processes in the real estate transactions process. And it’s not just about process management but about connecting different disciplines and especially about how people interact with processes.

From a technical point of view, digitalization can be split up into three stages.

  1. In the internal view, manual steps are digitized.

  2. Providing internal interfaces to partners and stakeholders are seen as a more advanced level.

  3. We are talking about a comprehensive digital journey when all stakeholders are digitally onboard, and even new business models are opening up.

One common misusage of digitalization is that many people and projects want to skip some stages and use AI, blockchain, etc., but the basic problems are actually not solved. Fix the basics, first things first.

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