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It´s the new normal.

Digitalization starts in people’s minds...

In the past, digitalization and innovation were mostly understood by companies as creating new ideas, products to find new revenue streams in different markets, increase efficiency, or „simply“ to survive challenging situations. Nowadays, innovation in a digitalization context has evolved to be an absolute necessity. It´s the new normal. As a result, the pressure from the market on companies is often extraordinarily high. But digitalization is more than that. To maintain sustainable digitalization, it is essential to screen the social context and consistently include it in transformation processes. One does not have to be afraid when it comes to digitalization. It is important to see it as an opportunity. The trick here is to find your own way to maintain the company’s attitude and values and its people to help shape the company’s future vision. Usually, this doesn’t start with the technological side of things. The first important step for digitalization starts in people’s minds

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