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The goal is to design a digital experience that supports people in their projects...

The world is so fast-paced that sometimes you lose track of things. How should anything support me when I feel like a new social media channel, a new app, or a new messenger pops up every day? How is that supposed to support me? Exponential progress means that there is more and more technological development in an ever shorter period of time. That’s nice, but when was the point where we start to feel overwhelmed again and again? Not only at work but also in private. Is it perhaps not just about the many different screens we are constantly switching between but also the content we consume? Or the usability of the programs we use? Is it intuitive? Does it look good? Do I understand it? Or is it just a hassle?

The goal is to design a digital experience that supports people in their projects and tasks as best as possible to concentrate on their business core. And that’s what matters. Real estate agents take care of buying and selling real estate and take the tedious work off their customer’s hands.

Above all, they also respond individually to the needs of their customers. Personal contact and the interpersonal level are essential for this. Digital solutions can help to have more time for customer needs. We want to develop these solutions together with real estate agents so that digital tools can give the best possible support for agents to work even more customer-centric.

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